Friday, April 3, 2009

Beware to this Cyber Syndicate

Beware to this online syndicate which operating in Asia, especially in Philippines and india.

Their Target: CALL CENTER / BPO center

Third party = Charles Anderson YM: charles_phonex skype: charles.phoenix
Charles QA = Ryan Dawson YM: cody_rhodes91
Client = Subhomay Banerjee YM: subhobanerjee skype: subhomaybanerjee1
Client = Toby Australia YM: toby_australia

Their modus operandi :

They will offer non-voice campaign namely PDF to WORD convertion. But in order to operate this campaign you must buy their software costly $300 - $310 per software or per seat and a minimum of 10 software or seats. After you wired or sent the money to them they sent only a trial version of the software, their reason is because they train first all the agents and the actual software will be use in actual work or they call it GO-LIVE. After 3 days when they already received the payment, they will sent a sample files or sample work-loads and they will NEVER train the agent. They will just give the work specification and the procedure to use the software and they will tell to start doing the sample work the due date is only 1 week for 500 pages. it must 99.9% accurate to start the GO-LIVE. And they said in actual work every page they will pay $0.40 and they will give you 5000 pages in first work load after you pass the sample files. So the poor center will hope they will get the work load after a week. So what will happen after a week the center will pass the finished sample files thru FTP. Then this third party (scammer) will ask the client (also scammer, also belong to this syndicate) to talk to their victim that after 3 days they will get the result. So after 3 days of waiting this poor center will be disappointed to the result cause the third party will say that the sample files did not meet the 99.9% accuracy. But the most shocking things is he will say the contract was terminated by the client and they will never send the actually or licensed software which their victims paid for. So the poor center lost their contract, money and the salary they paid to their agents.

Other Modus Operandi:

“Credit cards... hot transfer” in this campaign they will call their company as ULTIMATE which they say its located in Phase 1,Kasba,Kolkata - 700107,India. After days of research I found out in one of my Indian friend this company is not exsisting. And that address is not real also. Their intension is very clear.

How to know them:

The said suspects or syndicate was all Indian that use an American name CHARLES ANDERSON, Ryan Dawson and Toby Australia. And the most suspicious is they NEVER EVER put their picture in their YM and Skype account. And they will make a lot of excuses when you tried to ask for webcam to webcam conversation. And ofcourse they will never reveal their real name and identity.

How fight this syndicate or scammer:

Send this email to your friends especially those who are working in a call center. Be a good samarithan. Help to fight cyber crime. Who knows you will be the next victim?